About Us

If you are a client and you are reading this, you probably don't want a long lecture on how competent we are at social media management, how we rock everything digital or how we are not just strategy but execution as well.

You have read and heard all of that before.So, let's just assume that we are pretty good at all that run-of-the-mill stuff (No, really.)

But the thing that we actually pride ourselves on, that makes us stand out, is that we create conversations.

We at Flarepath, know that the only reason a brand is on social media is to 'talk'. Because, in today's world, word-of-mouth equals money-in-the-bank.

We believe in engineering content that will create conversations, bring together your audience and eventually build a community for your brand.

Whether it is your stake-holders talking about how good you are to work with, your customers telling others how awesome the products are, or your competitors trying to take over the conversation - It's all about

managing the talk, telling the right story.

And we help you do that. Exceptionally well.

What We Do

Once upon a time, right after man learnt to make grunting noises and before fire was discovered, the art of storytelling was born.

It started off with making crude drawings on the sides of caves and just kept going on from there- all in the pursuit of the perfect story.

Brands are still constantly trying to get there (only the crude drawings are made using photoshop now).

This is exactly what we, at Flarepath, excel at - Crafting the perfect story for you to tell your audience.

It can include anything from making kick-ass content (anything online, and off), creating communities of people (art, skating and the likes) to monetizing said community.

How do we do that? - In a word, easily.


What We Do

Flarepath provides end-to-end, creative content marketing services and products


Social media visioning and planning for business goals: leadgen, brand-building, CRM, service


Target interact with relevant audiences on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter Grow clients' community through content /paid media


Original, high-volume videos optimized for platforms like YouTube and Facebook


Drive high interactions across mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop platforms


Unique insights to marketers from social profiles & transactions





The OK Potato Youtube channel aims to be the premier online entertainment portal for everything from anti-reality TV show to live music and Bollywood parodies.

a space where you leave predicatable TV programming behind. OK Potato is out to make you laugh your brains out.

In the words of Robbie Williams: LET MEEEE, ENTERTAIN YOU


Visual Disobedience


Visual Disobedience is a community for visual artists creating works with an edgy, contemporary funk. This collective's sex appeal is all about saying 'Fuck-You' in their inimitable, quirky style. The vision is for the community to combine forces, change the way we perceive art and make it more accessible.

Visual Disobedience is about creating the Bohemian space where daring, inspired ideas find a home. From graffiti artists to photographers, short filmmakers to animation artists, the idea is for the artists to find a cosy, roosting spot for cutting-edge collaborations, an inspired exchange of ideas, a portfolio for discerning clients.

Through tie-ups with brands, cultural institutions, instigators of coolth, Visual Disobedience is about creating an alternate space where the limiting constraints of the mainstream art world are bypassed to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of disobedient artists who want to push the conventional limits.




Sk8adelic is a community of skaters and skateboaring fans where they can connect and find like-minded people with a love of the sport. As a growing community, Sk8adelic aims to find ways to encourage more people to take up the sport, provide relevant and up-to-date information about resources and create events that become a platform for young skaters.

With video content and social media platforms, the idea is to facilitate the healthy growth of the skating sub-culture and eventually propel a movement with the engagement of new audiences. With the strength of the community, the long term vision is to ensure better infrastructure for the sport as it grows in popularity and numbers.



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Facebook App



Diesel has just launched in India and needs to have a lot of people talking about it (and buying stuff from it)


"Kicakss" - a simple app. which lets people kick their friends' asses (Who doesn't like to vent, right?)


  • - Over 8,00,000 asses were kicked in less than a month
  • - It worked so well in India, they took it and put it on the international page! (Friends are the same everywhere, we guess)
  • - Facebook Page growth increased by 59%
  • - Organic impressions went up by about 1500%
  • - Discount based ads on Facebook made the footfalls at the stores go up by 200% in just 48 hours
Social Media

NH7 Weekender


This was the first year of the NH7 weekender property - so we needed to establish the brand and channel ticket sales


  • We decided to use a simple (yet highly effective) way was to engage and utilize the influencers, the core group in the music scene to drive the campaign
  • - Campaign used influencers to do a small activity like DP change and a leave application letter which was an innovative way to apply for a leave to attend the festival
  • - Led to strong organic conversations on twitter and facebook and ultimately spilled over involving the fringe


  • - Interactive hastags trending nationally and world wide
  • - Event sold out simply using digital media as a platform
  • - Reached ~8000 people, was adapted by almost 35%
  • - The event has been going on for three years now, increasing in scale each time
Social Media



The movie Force is about to be released and we need to drive ticket sales and movie promotions.


  • We created an app. which lets people be a part of the trailer itself! Your own fifteen seconds of fame.
  • Also, in keeping with the movie's themes we created a series of faux threats to influencers through multiple channels - IVR, SMS, Twitter leading to strong word of mouth and thereby populating the page


  • - Total network reach of the application has been 715,500 users
  • - Crossed 10,242 Active users on the application
  • - 2468 Daily number of active users
Social Media

Movies Now


Movies Now wants to stand out from the rest of the English Movies channels, and be the number one channel in the genre (online and offline)


  • -Relevant content support for the On-air properties with online campaigns
  • -Brand building activities, offline, on-air and strong digital properties that led to growth


  • - The Community grew by half a million fans within a span of 45 days, also ensuring a 60% drop in acquisition costs.
  • - This led to Movies Now being the first Hollywood TV channel in India to join the Million fans club
  • - Currently, the Movies Now page is one of the biggest pages from India with more than 2 million fans.
Social Media

Times Now


Times Now wants to reach out to new viewers by changing its perception and attract a younger audience.


  • Approach was to diversify the content and create something that would appeal to the new target audience. In essence, creating content for a content-creator brand
  • - Simple topics which captured the essence of the show were presented to the relevant young TG to debate on
  • - Short Videos were created using the opinions of the target groups and disseminated online
  • - This was followed by counter debates online, placing the brand as a part of a healthy conversation


  • - More than 1000 user generated videos from across 3 cities; uploaded and discussed upon
  • - Feedback rate - 1.4% with over half-a-million views
Social Media

Steve Madden


Shot pictures at the Launch Party, displayed the pictures in real-time at the event thematized as per the brand's iconic launch campaign

Partygoers saw pictures of themselves displayed on a screen at the aprty creating instant converstion. Influencers LIVE-TWEETED the party creating the buzz on Twitter

Celebs like Maria Goretti, Zayed Khan, Adhuna Akhtar interacted on Facebook

Social Media

Don 2


The second movie of the Don series is about to be released. We need to make sure that the movie leverages the franchisee's brand value and to drive footfalls


  • We created video content which went above and beyond just the movie and touched a chord with the masses - essentially the common man's views on Don
  • - Sustained insightful conversations drove UGC and supplemented to the buzz
  • - Video series - srkfan2011, memes, twitter coverage for on-ground amplified by key influencers
  • - Structured effort at promoting key movie assets by mini campaigns led to massive involvement across relevant groups


  • - Average likes - 1500 - 4000
  • - Average shares - 300 - 700
  • - Organic growth over 40% month on month
  • Also, the movie pretty much broke a bunch of BO records.
Social Media



The movie Talaash is about to be released and we need to drive ticket sales and movie promotions


  • - Promoted the trailer and music launch campaign digitally
  • - Designed a microsite puzzle to unlock YouTube link of music video
  • - Live tweeting from the launch event


  • - We made #talaash trend on twitter
  • - Users got the opportunity to meet Aamir khan in person through twitter
  • - Movie promotions were successfully conducted on the lines of creating curiosity and a buzz
Social Media

Balaji Telefilms( Ek Thi Daayan )


The movie Ek Thi Daayan is about to be released we need to create buzz around the movie and focus on digital promotions


  • - We created and managed parallel Facebook and Twitter pages for the movie
  • - The trailer launch was done on a digital platform which garnered an outrageous amount of views
  • - Created an Emraan Hashmi virtual kissing app for valentines day


  • - The Valentine special video garnered more than 25,000 views in less than a fortnight
  • - The movie trailer was officially launched first on YouTube, which got more than 1 million views
Social Media



  • - Promote LFTC Goa as a weekend destination to a newer fanbase
  • - Establish LFTC vibe as 'Music First'
  • - Grow and engage current social networks


  • - Live morphing of images which were then displayed on the screen
  • - Relevant cover photos for each music act performing #atLFTCGoa were made
  • - Twitter influencers were sent customised postcards, inviting them to LFTC, Goa


  • - LFTC in Goa was a massive success. The Sales were furious and the vibe was fabulous
  • - There were approximately 38,000 new likes on the page for the month of December
Social Media

Bol Bachchan


  • - A one-stop-shop application for Bollywood on the UTV Movies Official Facebook page


  • - Angry Devgn. A game inspired by the addictive Angry Birds


  • - The game proved to be highly entertaining and addictive, many people were hooked on
Social Media

UTV Action


Create an interactive and fun platform for users to be engaged on the UTV action pages


We created a series of stylistic puzzles explosions .A shuffled-tile jigsaw puzzle game which will test your action movies' visual knowledge, while pitting you against time in the pursuit of a high score. The virtual game was called Action Ammunition


The series of puzzles were a successful attraction on UTV's page and helped increase user engagement

utv1 utv2 utv3
utv4 utv5
Social Media

Priyanka Chopra


Manage the brand Priyanka Chopra on Digital Platforms


  • We manage Team PC on Facebook and Twitter
  • - Regularly Update the info and hygiene on the profile
  • - Create content ideas and execute them to ensure communications with fans


  • 3 million followers on Twitter- October, 2012
  • - #3MillionPCManiacs trended in India
  • - #FavoritePCMovies - Trended worldwide as well as in India
Social Media

Adnan Sami-Universal Music India


Reinventing the legend Adnan Sami, leverage his mass appeal of "Brand Adnan" in order to promote his new album Launch- 'Press play'


  • - Videos to create buzz around the album launch, the underlying concept behind these videos were that common people could not recognize Adnan in his new lean avatar
  • - We solely manage Adnan's Album promotions on Social Media, through contests, daily conversations and daily updates


  • These videos went on to becoming a viral success and were telecasted on MTV as well
adnan sami

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